The Common FAQs from Registrants

Yes.  Those who register to attend physically  will  automatically have access the virtual platform.  

You can participate in the Virtual Conference as long as you have Internet access that meets the technical requirements.

No. This is a 3rd party platform that is created to enable virtual conferencing and exhibition.

We will be sending out a series of emails and blog posts that will help you make the most of your virtual experience. We have also created a Virtual Tips page.

Streamed sessions don’t begin streaming until the time the session begins – not before the start time. Stay logged in; it will begin streaming on schedule. Remember – the sessions are listed in the conference time zone – UTC/GMT +3 hours

Virtual Conference attendees will receive an email notification when the program is available for viewing along with a link to access it 30days to the event. Users will use their provided log in details to enter the virtual Conference.

If we are experiencing technical difficulty with the stream, please know that it is still being recorded. If the stream isn’t back after a couple minutes, we recommend switching to watch a different session and watching the recording of the interrupted session at another time

Sessions streamed live will follow the East Africa  Nairobi Time- UTC/GMT +3 hours. Convert to your local time here.


Yes, we will provide the opportunity to purchase recordings from the virtual conference sessions after the conference has ended.

Each live streamed session will have a dedicated staff member or moderator who will relay your content related questions and comments to the presenter(s) as appropriate.  The session staff member ore moderator will introduce herself/himself to the virtual audience at the beginning of the session using the chat feature on the streaming site. If you have a question or comment, write it in the chat window. Staff will relay it to the presenter, either at the end during the Q&A portion, or when/if the presenter pauses to take questions.

For the Virtual event we will not be utilizing our mobile app for now.  Keep connected on Twitter, LinkedIn  #airc 2021

 Please email us.

 The Event is open for registration.

Step by step virtual access instructions will be provided soon. Most importantly, you need to test your system prior to the start of the conference so that you don’t miss the session due to access issues!

Rest assured, you'll have 15 days post event to access the platform and view all the recorded sessions and download handouts.

Once logged into the virtual event you will be able to chat one-on-one for technical help by navigating to the HELP section.

We do not have a scholarship fund available

  Please visit the Registration Page

The virtual registration fee includes access to all learning activities and access to all live and on demand sessions for 15 days post event. 

The in person registration fee will include the above plus lunches and  refreshments. 

Yes, we are happy to extend a discount to students on case by case basis.  Please contact us for more information.

If you wish to become a SPEAKER AT AIRC 2023 please contact us at with your topic of interest- proposed or picked from the agenda

Attend as Delegate