How does my “Physical Booth” benefit me?

Your Physical  Booth allows you to have immediate recognition and connection with attendees t the event. It gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about your company and the products/services you plan to exhibit. 

 You will automatically get  a virtual booth if you have a physical one

Your Virtual Booth allows attendees  to set up appointments with you electronically prior to the show based on the information in your Virtual Booth. 

How can I find out the price of a particular booth?

Pricing is based in the chosen level. See the packages


What is the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC), and how does it benefit me?

Once you are a confirmed exhibitor, you will have access to the online Exhibitor Service Center 3 months to the event.  From this resource, you will be  able to gain access to the platform, you will be able to register your staff,  keep track of deadlines, upload your booth profile and customize your booth, make connections with visitors to your Virtual Online booth and download pre/post show attendees registration lists if this is part of your package.

To review the list of previous exhibitors, click here.  The exhibitors will be updated as  the event progresses

Exhibitors can be part of panel presentations on specific topics if they are sponsoring the session or if speaking slot is part of their chosen package.

Free  Delegate Slots

How many booth staff registrations do I receive? Is there a charge for additional badges?

Please review the virtual booth levels to see how many booth staff registration you receive with your package. Additional badges can be purchased.

If you wish to become a SPEAKER AT AIRC 2023 please contact us at with your topic of interest- proposed or picked from the agenda

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